Garrett J. Wilkes

Garrett J. Wilkes’ Achievements and Expertise

Throughout his career, Garrett J. Wilkes has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in immigration and international law. His bilingual skills in English and Spanish have allowed him to effectively communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Wilkes has also obtained multiple certifications, including Arizona Attorney General Mediation Certification and Certified Immigration Consultant in UT and CA.

As a business consultant and immigration case specialist at Perennial Solutions, Wilkes provided consultation and case preparation for various nonimmigrant visa applications such as E Visas, H-1B and H-2B visas, L-1, PERM certifications, and other nonimmigrant visa applications and renewals. He also assists in the preparation and review of visa and AOS applications for attorneys and non-profit organizations.

In addition, Wilkes has also worked as an immigration case consultant at several law firms in Phoenix, AZ, including The Sobampo Law Firm, All Business Visas, and Rafael Tirado & Associates. During his time at these firms, he provided complex case analysis and consulting on cases dealing with the Immigration Nationality Act, Removal Defense, Asylums, and Adjustment of Status. Wilkes also helped to strategize with the owner on how best to serve and assist immigration clients, including maintaining files and creating policies to better establish expectations and ensure timely filings.

Garrett Wilkes Law, PLLC

In May 2016, Garrett J. Wilkes opened his own law firm, Garrett Wilkes Law, PLLC, with offices in Phoenix, Tucson, and Nogales, Sonora in Mexico. As the owner and legal advocate, he provided consultation and completion of visas for various types of visas, including L-1, PERM, H-1B, H-2B, TN, E-Visas, O-Visas, AOS, 601, and 212 waivers needed for certain visas.

Garrett established and maintained connections in northern Mexico and Arizona, as well as with the Mexican Consulate, to aid people in obtaining family-based and business-related visas. He adeptly guided his clients through the complex immigration processes involving USCIS, NVC, and DHS, ensuring a hassle-free and streamlined visa experience.

In addition, Garrett served as a mentor, manager, leader, and educator to a diverse team of over 20 individuals. He provided training in English and Spanish to remote and in-person employees, with the goal of improving their efficiency and success rates.

Supervisor/Legal Advocate at Rafael Tirado & Associates

Before opening his own law firm, Wilkes worked as a Supervisor/Legal Advocate at Rafael Tirado & Associates in Phoenix, AZ, from May 2014 to May 2016. At the firm, he consulted and completed visas from all stages of visa completion with USCIS and NVC for various types of visas, including H-1B Visas, E-Visas, TN Visas, AOS, 601, and 212 waivers needed for certain visas. He also assisted in the preparation of criminal motions and arguments. He also created new business opportunities to generate more revenue and unlock the full potential of the company. Additionally, he engaged in discussions on various Spanish radio stations to build trust within the community and enhance business revenue.


Garrett J. Wilkes is a highly skilled and experienced business professional with expertise in immigration and international law. He has worked at various law firms in Phoenix, AZ, and has owned his own law firm, specializing in business and family-based immigration, criminal defense, and personal injury. Wilkes’ bilingual skills and certifications in mediation and immigration consulting make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking assistance with complex immigration cases.